Variable valve timing

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The camshaft timing has been modified compared to the 2.8-litre V6 engine to meet the demands of turbocharging technology.

Variable valve timing with an adjustment angle of 22° is used here for the first time in turbocharged engines


  • A torque increase of approx. 10% is achieved at the bottom and top ends of the engine speed range.
  • Better emission levels and fuel consumption figures.

The variable valve timing is activated by the Motronic by means of camshaft adjustment valves N205 and N208.

The design and function of the variable valve timing are already described in Self-study Programmes 182 and 192.

Activation of the variable valve timing is dependent on engine load and speed.

In the self-diagnosis, you can find out whether the variable valve timing is active or not by reading out the relevant measured value block (refer to Workshop Manual).