Tiptronic myths

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Myth#1 : Tip Tranny Sucks Power The Torque converter is a viscous fluid coupling that allows the tranny to run at a lower rpm. However this is only from stall (Brake held down while in D/Tip) and low speeds, until the lock-up clutch engages. Once the lock-up clutch engages, the TC is effectively bypassed, and Tip Tranny turns 1:1 with the Engine. On the FAQ tranny this is around 35 mph. The lock up clutch doesn't disengage again until braking and below 10mph, even during gear changes.

Myth#2 : Tip is Slower than Manual For a Torque-Brake launch (hold Brake down firmly, rev high, then release brake), the Torque converter actually stores energy while stalled, and transfers it into the Tranny, when the brake is released. This is why automatic cars can have faster 60' times than 6sp (without dumping the clutch at >4K rpm). However since Torque-Brake Launching is disabled on the stock TCU, this is why the official times for Tip are slower. Actual top speed gearing is higher for a Tip tranny than 6sp.

The difference between : Rev Limiter & Shift Points In "D" mode the shifting is based on strategy (e.g. Sports mode), throttle position, engine rpm's, vehicle speed and torque. In Tip mode with 00032 coding the TCU will not shift for you until it hits it's max "shift points". This is much higher and less affected by throttle position, engine rpm's, vehicle speed and torque. If you put it in Tip mode and go WOT (without hitting the kickdown switch), the point at which the TCU finally gives in and shifts for you is the shift point. Stock point is ~6200. If you go past this because the car or engine was accelerating faster than TCU can shift, then TCU has a Rev Limiter, when crossed causes limp mode. The stock limiter is ~6850. If the shift points are raised then you can rev the engine higher between shifts, even dip into redline. However if the TCU rev limiter is not also raised then there will be a loud "ker-chunk" TCU will put the car in 4th and go into limp mode. The gear selection colors at the bottom of the information will invert. If you cross the ECU rev limit first then the ECU will cut fueling before the TCU causes limp mode.