LED driving lights

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LEDTronics BF3126-OCW driving lights install

You can see the base bayonet pins are different. The stock Phillips H6W have slightly offset pins, while the LEDs ones (T3-1/4 9mm) are across from each other


The bulbs are different too; the stock one is more diffuse, the LED light is VERY directional: bulb_comparison.jpg

One pin clipped off to fit harness properly: dike_base.jpg

stock drl: driving_stock.jpg

LED drl: driving_led.jpg

side by side: driving.jpg

drl stock with xenons on: driving_stock_xenon.jpg

drl led with xenons on: driving_led_xenon.jpg driving_led_xenon_2.jpg

drls and xenons on, side by side: driving_and_xenon.jpg