Engine recode

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Procedure for enabling/disabling ESP & ABS

  1. Turn ignition to ON
  2. Startup VAGCOM
  3. Go to:
    • Engine
    • Login
  4. Enter 11463 (or 13737 if that does not work)
  5. Enter value (06711 for ESP, 06611 for no ESP)

Engine codes

Value ESP Transmission
A-Box 06611 no 6-speed
B-Box tiptronic
H-Box 06711 yes 6-speed
J-Box 06751 tiptronic
M-Box 06711 6-speed
AA-Box 06751 tiptronic

Note that the proper transmission programming is required and must match the car; transmission type cannot be changed via simple recode.


If 06611 is used on an S4 equipped with ESP, it will have the side effect of disabling ABS?