Cluster recode

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"Recode" is a misnomer: it is not to be confused with cluster coding

It refers to the adaptation value stored in channel 60:

  1. Turn ignition to ON
  2. Startup VAGCOM
  3. Go to:
    • Instruments
    • Adaptation
    • Channel 60 [Read]
  4. Enter value (see table below)
  5. Save
  6. Reread value to verify
  7. Exit VAGCOM
  8. Turn ignition OFF/ON
  9. Clear codes

Cluster adaptation values

ECU software Channel 60 MAF Transmission
A-Box 0 Bosch 6-speed
B-Box tiptronic
H-Box Hitachi 6-speed
J-Box tiptronic
L-Box 1027
M-Box 1025 6-speed
T-Box 1025 6-speed
AA-Box 1027 tiptronic