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Definition files allow raw binary data to be represented logically. They are the critical link between programmers and tuners - neither is much use without the other.

"Because there's money in selling these codes (sometimes upwards of $50,000), the industry has little incentive to embrace the community" Malicious actors have damped public and community progress for decades and "...wont be motivated to share their findings" (p.64-65, Smith)

File Formats:

*.kp - WinOLS

- Rare in public.
- Purchased or leaked files
- Linked to expensive software

*.xdf - TunerView

- Common in public
- Can be created from *.kp files via scripts
- Freeware and community driven

*.ols - WinOLS project

- contains definitions, original bin, and project bin packaged together
- *.bin data can be extracted via hex editor

*.a2l/ Damos - includes definitions of all values

- .a2l general term - ASAM MCD-2 MC standard
- "Damos" is ETAS Ascet (Bosch) specific - OE Software
- Ideally a leak from Mfg service department, or OE tuner.
- Rarely does it contain every map or byte/bit value.
  • Frunktionsrahmen block diagrams are ETAS Ascet screenshots
  • ETAS is 100-percent subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH


The Car Hacker's Handbook - A Guide for the Penetration Tester (Craig Smith)
[MCD-2-MC Standards]
[ETAS Damos Standard]