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Property Files

The most common cause of problems with ECUx is using the wrong "property file" with your ECU. Make sure you associate your logging group with the correct property file.

ECU Property File
A,K 121
C 126
D 125
F 128
H,J 123
M,L 120
T,AA 122


  • You may find it best to put the laptop in the passenger seat with the screen facing the driver's seat.
  • To limit distractions while driving, you may want to do a few things before starting the car (with the key in the on position):
  1. Choose the group file that contains all variables you want to log
  2. Make sure the correct propery file is associated with the chosen group file
  3. Click "log this group" and place the mouse over the "start" button on the actual logging screen so you can simply click to begin logging without looking in the direction of the laptop
  • APR ECU Explorer and VAG-Com have a couple important differences worth noting:
  1. Unlike VAG-Com, ECU Explorer does not instantly begin to start logging once you click the "start" button. Allow 5-10 seconds for the data collection to begin. With the screen facing the driver's seat, you can easily recognize when ECUx has begun its data logging.
  2. Unlike VAG-Com, ECU explorer does not allow you to stop and start data collection while retaining all the data. With VAG-Com, you can toggle between start and stop very easily. When VAG-Com has stopped logging, the "start" button reads "resume." When using ECU Explorer, once you hit "stop" you cannot click "start" again without losing the previous data. There is a "pause" button below the start/stop, but it's very hard to move the mouse while driving. You may find it is best to let ECU Explorer keep running until you're completely done with all logging. At a later time, one can easily delete the unnecessary information to reduce the size of the file.