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  • Agoura
    Unocal 76
100 Octane
8203 Dorothy Dr.
Chesbouro off ramp of the 101 freeway in Agoura.
  • Pasadena
    Unocal 76
100 Octane unleaded (blue)
155 E. Glenarm Street Pasadena
Corner of Glenearm & Arroyo Parkway *at the end of 110 North*
  • Pomona
    Phillips Ranch, Unocal 76
100 Octane unleaded (blue)
Take 60 fwy, exit phillips ranch road and go north, then turn right on village loop and it will be on left hand side (about 1/2 of fwy exit).
  • Redondo Beach
    Unocal 76
100 Octane unleaded (blue)
1870 South Elena
Near Avenida Del Norte.
  • San Marino
    Unocal 76
100 Octane unleaded (blue)
2390 Huntington Dr., San Marino
On Huntington Drive between Sierra Madra & Del Mar
  • Sonoma
    Unocal 76
100 Octane unleaded (blue)
114 Octane leaded (orange)
Sears Point Raceway
  • Woodland Hills
101 Octane
Northwest corner of DeSoto and Van Owen
  • Fullerton
    Unocal 76
100 unleaded
2045 W Commonwealth, Fullerton, CA
Two blocks East of Fullerton Airport