01E 6-speed manual transmission

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The 01E 6-speed manual transmission came in some B5 S4s, C5 A6s and Allroads


Capacity: 3.2L Type: 75-90wt synthetic gear oil

Common Problems

  • Brass synchronizers wear prematurely. These are often replaced with composite synchronizers.
  • At time of Manufacture All 01E transmissions were equipped with a 1st and 2nd gear shift collar with a tolerance that is very tight. Because of this any wear will cause the collar to lock up and prevent the transmission from being shift into or out of 1st or 2nd gear. This is commonly replaced with an updated version.

Modifications and Repairs


The JHMotorsports transmission rebuild DVD is very helpful along with the Bentley manual.

Typical rebuild kit parts

Part Number Name
016 311 113 C Input shaft seal
012 301 457 C Shift lever seal
016 409 399 B Front axle seal x 2
01E 409 400 Output shaft seal
01e 301 235 Center case gasket
01E 311 302 Gears 5-6 shift collar and hub
01E 311 301 Gears 3-4 shift collar and hub
012 311 312 D Synchro spring 3-6 gears (4 total)
012 311 311 D Synchro spring 1-2 gears (2 total)
012 311 295 F Composite Synchronizer 3-6th gears (4 total)
012 311 295 G Brass Synchronizer 3-6th gears (4 total)
01E 311 239 L Improved (updated) 1-2 hub/collar assembly
012 311 247 H Improved (updated) 1-2 syncro assembly (only to be used with 01E311269L)
012 311 247 F Old style (non-improved) 1-2 syncro (only to be used with 01E311239H)
01E 311 239 H Old Style 1-2 hub/collar assembly

Metal slave cylinder upgrade

The OEM plastic slave cylinders can create and leak. The internal pistons can also be overextended and ejected from the cylinder requiring replacement. The metal cylinder does not suffer from these problems.

A metal slave cylinder is made by Sachs part #7372-01060755.[1]